Real Estate can get more sell through SEO

How to Kickstart an SEO Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

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If you have a website related to real estate and want to grow your website, then you should understand that you need best guidance for local ranking as real estate niche is competitive. Through local SEO, you are not only beat your competitors but you are increasing value of your brand also. In this blog, we will give you step by step guidance of how to rank locally for your Real Estate website in your city.

First step is to check your competitors’ website. Make a list of keywords that are appropriate for your business and that people are looking for, for example those that start with “apartment for sale in” or “house for rent in”. Then, search them on Google and take a look at the top 10 results that are ranking on Google.

Make a note that what kind of content or information those pages have common in their websites. Many time, you’re guaranteed to see pages full of listings.

Pick The Correct Keywords

After the review of your competitors’ website, now it is time to select the right keywords for your website. You should go for the keywords which has not only decent volume but that are also achievable by your website. Apart from keywords there are other aspects to consider like domain age of your website and the number of backlinks you are creating for your website. Sell backlinks here.

I would recommend you to go for the keywords those who are available for featured snippets. The featured snippets will help you to get the attention of visitors to your page, which will help you to increase the number of visitors for your website.

Here’s a sample of a featured snippet for the keyword “best places to live in new jersey”.

Make few properties attentive

After selecting your best keyword for your website, now time has come to start writing content for your website. While creating your content, make sure you include major details about the property like floor size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc. Moreover, you have to represent amenities in such a way that will make your properties interesting to visitors. If your content is relevant enough, then there is a high chance to get first page ranking on Google.

Optimize Your Content

In this step, you have to optimize the content of your web pages. Apart from the property details, you can promote the nearby location and provide details like how far schools are? how far hospitals are? is there any gym nearby? Etc. you should include answers of these kind of questions because visitors are sometime checking these kind of answers before purchasing the real estate.

Apart from this, you can add high-quality of pictures of the properties. You can add video tour of the property that will give boost to your property page in Google ranking. Another way is you can add property visit booking option as it will give you more option to get leads for your properties.

Registered your business on Google My Business

These is one of the best way to utilize the local SEO for your real estate website. Once your real estate website is live then you must register your website into Google My Business (GMB). Through GMB, there are high chances of increasing ranking for the keywords those are related to the area in which your properties are located. You can further include real estate keyword in your Google My Business Listing.