Moving Your Business Location? Use These Tips!

No matter what you are moving, it can be a disruptive time filled with backbreaking work – even when you pay someone to do most of it. On top of that, you never know what will get broken or damaged that may be critical to keeping the company running. Here are a few tips you can use to help make moving your business location run a little more smoothly.

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1. Cleaning

Call in a commercial cleaning company Los Angeles CA to clean the business before you move in and then again after the chaos of the move is done. Not only can the cleaners make sure nothing is left behind from the last occupants, but they can also make sure you are open for business when you say you will be.

2. Customers

Let everyone know you are moving! Use it as an excuse to contact anyone and everyone that has ever done business with you to remind them you are still around. If you are a brick and mortar shop, offer a small discount or a little give-away to lure everyone to the new location.

3. Media

Before the move, let shoppers know about it on social media, and then remind them for a few weeks after that. Customers that don’t visit you regularly may become disgruntled when they find an empty store front when looking for you.

4. Weekend

In order to disrupt your business as little as possible, move on the weekend. Close early on a Friday and begin preparations for the big move late into the night, if possible. Physically move and set up again on Saturday. If there are any emergencies, you will have the rest of the weekend to rectify the situation.

Moving your business location doesn’t have to shut your commerce down for weeks. Use these four tips to stay active and keep everyone informed.