How To Manage Your Pond

Whether you have a pond or a lake in your backyard or place of business, there are a few important pieces to taking care of your pond or lake. If you want the landscape to look clean and natural and you want to maintain high water quality, make sure you use an aeration system, use natural plants, and keep humans at a distance.

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Use An Aeration System

One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have a pond or lake aeration system. If you do not aerate your pond, you are more likely to experience water quality problems down the line. Without a healthy oxygen content, the pond will not support as much wildlife and plant life. Without an aeration system, the pond might experience stratification and the top of the pond will become stagnant.

Keep It Natural

Use plants that are native to the area and do not bring in any invasive species that could mess with the ecosystem of the pond. Typical pond plants like creeping jenny, horsetail and pickerel will make for an aesthetically pleasing landscape, and they will not die from living in a water-saturated environment. Also make sure you do not use fertilizer near the pond, as the chemicals and nutrients can be harmful to the pond.

Keep People Out

While you can surely enjoy the landscape of the pond, keeping a healthy environment and good water quality means that people should not mess with the environment. If the pond is swimming-friendly, you should be really careful about letting any chemicals like sunscreen into the pond’s ecosystem. Make sure there is someplace near your pod that people can dispose of any garbage, especially if the pond is at your place of business, so that trash does not end up in the pond.