Haircuts: Fade, All Its Styles Or Variants

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The ” Fade ” or ” Vanished ” is a type of haircut in decline taking place in the contour of the head and makes the hair go shorter longer. It is the most extreme of the  existing diminishing cuts since it starts from a lower number to achieve that ” fade” effect on the hair contour itself. It must start from a number lower than 1  (3 mm) and can start with a shave even of the lower contour if we need it to achieve that effect of  complete fading of the hair.

Starting from one length or another when making it will depend on several factors that must be taken into account before starting to cut, such as the density of hair per square centimeter, the color of the hair, the color of the skin … since it is about creating a fading in the contour of the hair that we have on the head, and these variables influence a lot.

For example, to a blonde, passing the hair clipper to   number 2 (6 mm) is equivalent to passing 0.5 (1.5 mm) to a person with black hair and brown skin, and this is due to the contrast created, and starting from that both have an equal and normal density of hair. Likewise, in someone who may have black hair and brown skin but with low density of hair, it could make passing the 4 (12 mm) with the hair clipper equivalent to passing the 1 (3 mm) visually, and that may not The fade we want is achieved if we do not start with the correct number.

This  extreme decrease that is the ” Fade ” or ” Fade ” is achieved by passing the clipper in different lengths, symmetrical and concentric in variations of 0.5 (1.5 mm) in spaces of about 0.5 cm upwards until achieving that fade or fade effect within the hair contour.

It is a cut that requires many passes of the clipper machine at different heights, and where a darker shadow is created (by increasing the length of the hair as we go up) as long as we have a progressive fading of at least 2 full numbers (6 mm ) between the extremes, and this more noticeable shadow can be located at different heights (high, medium, low) with respect to the axis formed between the temple and the occipital bone around the head. The higher that shadow is placed with respect to the axis, the fewer numbers of the clipper we will be able to go through the contour, and the less that fading will be noticed although we have done it perfectly, it will be more subtle and perhaps imperceptible as a traditional decrease; On the contrary, the lower we place that shading that is created, the more noticeable that progressive fading effect will be if we manage to do it, for example, between 0000 (0.25 mm) and 4 (12 mm) with jumps of 0.5 (1 , 5 mm) around the head contour and taking the aforementioned axis as a reference.

The cut emerged in the United States in the 60s under the name of ” Fade ” ( faded ) and until very recently it did not become fashionable in the rest of the world, in Spain it has been less than 2 years since it began to perform, and its boom has been in the last year (2015) after the use of this style by some footballers such as Messi , Christiano.

The Americans establish 4 main variants in the ” Fade ” or ” Fade ” that could really be simplified much more in Spanish by saying a fade with the low, medium or high shading.

However, and to unify and simplify criteria between English and Spanish, I present you better this classification with which it is better understood:

Low Fade (Fade Under) : Would the faded or fade more classic barber shop and is establishedthe shaded  a little lower than the axis between the temple to the occiput with a slight fall back.

Bald Fade (Bald Fade) : It would be amedium fade placing the shading between the axis of the temple and the beginning of the occipital bone.

Skin Fade (Skin Vanishing) : It would be a faded high located at the same height of the temple in the outline and less space to pass different lengths, where less appreciated that effect vanished .

Razor Fade ( Razor Fade ) : It would be anintermediate fade between the ” Bald Fade ” and the ” Skin Fade ” but in which we shave below the line of the temple-occipital axis to achieve atotal fading of the hair.

However, to make a high, medium or low fade you have to take into account a few things as I explained before (density, color …) it is not as simple as arriving and saying I want a high, medium or low fade with or without shaving the contour lower. Before asking them to ask you one or the other question and always take into account the opinion of your barber like Fade Haircuts in Clearwater FL if you really want the cut to favor you.