What is capillary micropigmentation?

When there is a loss of more than one hundred hairs a day, the loss of hair begins to be considered abnormal and is called alopecia .

The effects of its multiple motifs can be alleviated by making use of the innovative techniques available on the market.

One of the alternative methods to hair transplantation is hair micropigmentation. So in order to consider each of its advantages, it is convenient to define exactly what Scalp Micropigmentation is and how it works.


The capillary micropigmentation is a non – permanent cosmetic technique aimed to beautify or correct visibly the appearance of the scalp.

Although this technique was born as an alternative to those who saw their body affected after an aggressive disease, today it is also applied in men and women who seek to improve their physical appearance.

The hair pigmentation , in particular, involves the injection of dye through a specialized machine to a depth of between 0.25 mm and 1.75 mm, giving the scalp a color similar to that of hair, making easily the create more uniformity, hiding gaps, and giving a more dense appearance.

This outpatient procedure takes about one or two hours in two or three sessions and is painless thanks to local anesthesia.

Advantages of capillary micropigmentation

The hair pigmentation has a number of advantages compared to other techniques with similar results.

The micropigmentation scalp is more economical than the capillary graft, making it feasible for more committed pockets.

It is a safe technique , since the pigments used are absorbable by the body itself.

Its outpatient nature means not having to enter the operating room. Also, the time for recovery is quite short.

It is possible to combine hair micropigmentation with other techniques such as hair grafting and its effects are visible from the start.

It increases the self – esteem of those who undergo this aesthetic procedure and, therefore, the mood and psychological health.

Care before and after micropigmentation

Although the capillary micropigmentation technique is painless and does not require an operating room, it does have care that ensures longer-lasting effects and a safer environment.

Before micropigmentation it is recommended not to drink alcoholic beverages and to avoid anticoagulant medications. Likewise, inform your doctor if you suffer from any contagious disease that can be transmitted by blood and define with him the design of the tattoo in order to obtain a natural finish.

Once the technique is done, follow the specialist’s instructions.

In any case, as care after micropigmentation, do not do intense sports practice in order to avoid excessive sweating; do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for at least 3 weeks and do not immerse your head in water, especially if this water is treated with chlorine.

Finally, and even more importantly, avoid washing the area with shampoos or tonics with highly irritating compounds.