A couple, a destination, a hotel and your ideal honeymoon

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort | CheapCaribbean

Have you thought about what kind of honeymoon you want? What plan do you have in mind: relaxation and absolute tranquility, more active and adventurous, super romantic with sunset walks or exotic and sophisticated plan?… Because depending on what you want to do, you will have an ideal destination.

Precisely, our proposal today is four different hotels, from the exclusive Beachcomber hotel chain , in which to enjoy a custom honeymoon.

A romantic honeymoon.

Desire hotel Cancun, or Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort is ideally located on a stretch of secluded, powder-like sandy beach, at the edge of the picturesque fishing village of Puerto Morelos. This clothing-optional venue, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort is only 20 minutes from the Cancun Airport. 

Experience one of Mexico’s top, adult-only beach resorts as well as a great array of attractions that are within easy reach of the resort such as: Mayan archeological sites, vast networks of underground rivers, over 100 “cenotes” (sacred pools of clear, calm water), deep sea fishing, cave diving, scuba diving and snorkeling on the Great Mayan Reef. 

An adventurous honeymoon.

It is clear that Mauritius Island will be your chosen destination, you have it clear, but perhaps you want a more active honeymoon, in which you can practice water sports, bike tours, boat excursions, go scuba diving or carry out ecotourism activities … Then the Shandrani Hotel It is your adventurer and sportsman option; without subtracting the possibility of enjoying a day at the beach in paradise.

In addition, thanks to the “Serenity Plus” concept, the Shandrani has become the first ‘all inclusive’ resort in Mauritius , allowing couples to enjoy the different activities freely and without worry.

An eco-green honeymoon.

If you have an ecological spirit, the Hotel Sainte Anne, located on an exclusive private island , and in the center of a Seychelles maritime park, should be your choice.

Nestled in a sublime natural environment, this hotel is perfect if you want to combine rest, intimacy and the environment but without renouncing, at any time, the savoir-faire of the Beachcomber group. Own garden (and support for the island’s small farmers), candlelight dinners and 87 villas surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest, are configured as the ideal paradise for the enjoyment of an eco-honeymoon.

A sophisticated honeymoon.

Synonymous with luxury, elegance and sustainability , the Royal Palm Marrakech Hotel rises with views of the Atlas Mountains (a few minutes from the red city) and immerses itself in the charm and exoticism of Morocco , surrounded by gardens with ancient olive trees.

The hotel’s design is inspired by Berber culture and consists of luxurious suites and villas that combine elegance, authenticity and comfort for an intimate and sophisticated honeymoon. A perfect and unforgettable oasis for those couples who seek elegance in a cultural and exotic destination at the same time.

These are just four of the options to choose from, depending on your personality and dream honeymoon, from among the 10 Beachcomber hotels spread across Mauritius, Seychelles and Morocco, and all with the advantages (such as free massages in their spa) and Special discounts (such as a 50% discount when booking all-inclusive) that the hotel chain offers to newly married couples.