How to Repair Cracks in Concrete Ceiling

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If your interest is in knowing how to repair cracks in the concrete ceiling, I am going to assume that you did not get here by mere chance but by authentic “suffering.”

I also suppose that this suffering will have to do with suffering situations like these:

  • Seepage in concrete slabs;
  • Leaks
  • Condensation on the ceiling
  • Fungus or mold spots
  • Moisture on the ceiling

In the event that your problem goes through the waterproofing of tile roofs, we will not only see how to waterproof the roof, but also that you can do it on your own and save good money.

Cracks in Concrete Ceilings: The Problems with Slabs

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that roof water leaks so often have to do with concrete slabs. And indeed, IT IS NOT a coincidence. Before you read more information below, you can ask a professional to help your problem here

Unlike sheet metal roofs (zinc) or tile roofs, this type of concrete roofs are very prone to causing construction problems that end up generating leaks in roofs and moisture stains, which are always difficult to solve.

Causes That Produce Water Leaks in Concrete Ceilings

To remove moisture stains on the ceiling, or rather, on the ceiling of a room, you have to start “above.” It is impossible to pretend to know how to cover cracks in the ceiling if we imagine that we can solve the humidity problem from “below”. The leaks in roofs of water that reached the ceiling necessarily began by cracks, fissures in the roof. That is why it is from there where you should start.

One of the classic moisture problems in roofs originate in the cement (concrete) slabs.

Concrete slabs (roofs or roofs) have two basic problems that are related to their construction:

1) Slopes of Concrete or Cement Slabs

Due to their position, usually horizontal, concrete roofs or roofs do not have a good runoff surface for rainwater. They are intended to look “flat” (even if they are not).

If, due to those things of poor execution, the minimum slopes with which they are usually projected and built are not enough, the water tends to puddle causing leakage problems.

Unlike the sloped roofs here, gravity does not work in our favor so that the water runs off quickly and does not park. And we already know: little slope = roof leaks.

2) Cracks in the Slab Roof: Why does a concrete roof crack?

Concrete ceilings do not always have good thermal insulation to protect them from exposure to the sun’s rays. This insulation is more expensive and adds thickness, “sufficient” reasons so that in the end, they are not adequately included in its construction.

Because they are made of a heavy structure (concrete), concrete ceilings without good thermal insulation end up suffering their own expansion and contraction movements due to being exposed to continuous climatic changes.

The movements generate cracks and fissures in the ceiling, typical of a material such as concrete, with zero resistance to expansion. It is logical to suppose that these cracks end up generating the need to waterproof the roof to protect it from water leaks in roofs.

how to repair a concrete ceiling

How to Repair Concrete Roof Leaks: The Stretch Sealer Option

To all these evils, it must be added that, due to constant exposure to the climatic agents that concrete walls and slabs suffer, the deterioration of their surface ends up accelerating, making them porous and therefore permeable to moisture. That is why it is so important to know how to waterproof a concrete roof to avoid having to plug leaks prematurely.

Other Consequences of Roof Moisture

You will have verified that your house was suddenly filled with stains on the ceilings, colonies of mold and fungus and leaks on the roofs that seemed to be condensation problems, except for the fact (not by chance) that they appeared after a heavy rain. And regarding this question, I stop for a moment to ask you something:

Are you one of the many who suffer from mold and mildew in your home?

Do you think you know how to get rid of it? If it comes back every year it is likely that you have been doing it WRONG !!!

How to Plug Leaks in Tile Roof: Types of Waterproofing

How to fix a damp ceiling?

Many ask how to repair interior ceiling cracks, but that is not really where the problem lies. Roof leaks occur “above” the environment that acknowledges moisture problems. So you better go looking for a ladder and start investigating what happens upstairs.

There you will see the appearance of cracks and fissures, especially in the meeting between the ceilings and the walls.