3 Ways to Keep Your Shower Doors Working Well


A hot shower is one of the most relaxing points of the day for many people. With that in mind, you should endeavor to treat your shower just as well as it treats you if for no other reason than ensuring it can continue to treat you well into the future. While pipes and faucets and tiles are all important, one aspect many overlook are the doors to your shower. To fix this, here are three ways to keep your shower doors working well.

1. Cleaning

There’s a disturbing number of people who tend to assume that, since they get cleaned in the shower, the shower itself must also be cleaned while they wash. This is far from true, though, as body oils, dirt, and soap scum build up all over the area, shower doors included. Don’t feel bad if this was you, just make sure to fix that behavior by giving your shower thorough cleanings every month or so with a scrubber, water, and vinegar, shower doors included.

2. Maintenance

Every now and then, shower doors might need you to take a look “under the hood” so to speak to ensure they continue to function as intended. Checking the railing for weakness, glass for cracks, and areas like slides to make sure they stay on track and continue rolling are all needed to ensure your shower doors continue serving you without the risk of damage or injury.

3. Conscious of Damage

The final tip we have relates more to the way you interact with your shower than something to actively do, and it’s being conscious of the damage you can do to your shower doors without thinking. For instance, putting all your weight onto a railing while stepping out of the shower is a good way to break something, both in terms of the door or your bones. Repeated stress to areas of the door like this isn’t good, so try to think about what you could be doing to reduce the amount of stress put on your shower.

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