3 Tests to Improve Your Medical Packaging and Shipping Business


If your business requires packaging and shipping medical supplies, you know how essential secure packaging can be. All it takes to trigger a lawsuit or lose a client is one scalpel or syringe piercing a package and slicing a finger, or one smashed vial leaking an infectious substance. Three tests can ensure you package your medical supplies safely. After an ANAB ISO 17025 accredited lab performs your medical package testing, you can address the flaws in your packaging and ship your products confident they’ll survive the elements, careless handling or whatever stresses may come their way.

Temperature and Humidity Testing

As the number of heat waves and Arctic freezes, major rain and snow events and category 4 or 5 hurricanes rises, the packaging in which you ship your medical products becomes more important. Excessively hot, cold, damp or wet conditions can weaken many packaging materials to the breaking point.

Temperature and humidity tests will subject your materials to all these extremes. They supply you with accurate, easy-to-understand results you can use to make the needed changes.

Strength and Integrity Testing

If you ship sterilized medical products in porous pouches, sealed bottles, plastic packaging trays or anything else, strength and integrity testing uncovers their vulnerabilities. These tests ensure that whatever leaves your facility sterilized will remain so until it reaches its destination.

The Drop Test

As a medical supplies shipper, you know that anything you can lift, you can more easily drop. The drop test measures packaging’s ability to withstand shipping-related dropping. It’s designed to determine how well packaging holds up when dropped at different angles from different heights. With that information, you can prevent future failures so all your products arrive in one piece.

Your company is in the business of saving people’s lives. So you know how important it is to package your medical supplies as securely as possible — and the medical package testing company you choose will make all the difference!