Work from home at Weight Watchers

You successfully completed a Weight Watchers weight loss program, consider checking current openings for from home positions at Weight Watchers.

Why work at Weight Watchers?

Join a company that is committed to helping people achieve weight loss through good service and innovative products. Help current and prospective members reach their weight loss goals by using analytics, mobility and digital solutions. Weight Watchers is currently trying this method to help people transform people’s lives make better decisions about food and exercise. Join the team and prepare to lead the way.

Ideal Candidates

Weight Watchers looks for individuals that are passionate and want to pave the way in the health and wellness sector. Individuals that have also gone through the Weight Watchers weight loss program and know first-hand what it is to go through weight loss.

Understand your role

Have a full understanding of the impact your role will play in Weight Watchers program and members lives.

Find a place

You’ll find your place at Weight Watchers, whether you work from home or in an office environment. Become part of the healthy movement at Weight Watchers and feel good about changing individuals lives around. Help make their journey to weight loss a success.

Compensation and Benefits

Weight Watchers rewards employees and offers competitive compensation, great benefits, including 401 (k), health coverage, tuition reimbursement and paid time off.

Be a Leader

Work from home, from anywhere in the world, part time or full time as a personal coach. Interact with members via phone and online 24/7.

Become leader for Weight Watchers and get ready to inspire and motivate others with your journey story. Have fun and share your weight loss success story and inspire others. Let members know about how Weight Watchers helped you lose weight and keep it off.

Be ready

To work at Weight Watchers, you need to be full of enthusiasm and be ready to help members achieve their weight loss goals. Think outside the box, get to it.

Don’t let members give up and keep the motivation strong.

Get ready to support, inspire and guide individuals through their weight loss journey. Change people’s lives and get rewarded. Offer people realistic, achievable weight loss goals that they can bear through any personal challenge.

Work environment

Work at a company that is supportive of its employees and encourages team work. A great environment, with devoted employees who strive to go above and beyond to help members make it successfully.

Make an impact

No matter the job positions you decide to take part at Weight Watchers you’ll make an impact on people’s lives. A gratifying job to help individuals get past their struggles through problem solving strategies. Make a difference in people’s lives and enjoy it.

Weight Watchers cares about you

Weight Watchers understands you have other responsibilities and lets you have a work and life balance.

Visit Weight Watchers, learn more about what the company has in store for you and checkout current job openings.