Teeth whitening: the 8 most frequently asked questions

1.What is the teeth whitening technique?

There are different teeth whitening techniques depending on what the esthetician considers appropriate for you:

Vital teeth whitening with gel

In this system, trays are manufactured from molds the exact size of the patient’s mouth. At home, the patient places the gel tray, allowing it to act according to the instructions given by the dentist. The gel is then removed. This treatment is carried out as many times as necessary to achieve the desired tooth white and always under the recommendation of the professional.

Vital teeth whitening with photoactivation

A layer of whitening gel is applied and then LED or laser light is applied. In about 30 minutes a whitening is achieved. If desired, a second session can be done after 15 days. It is a treatment that does not cause any discomfort; only and in some cases hypersensitivity to heat or cold that ends up disappearing.

Individual whitening of non-vital teeth

Non-vital teeth are teeth that have suffered trauma, which has affected the dental nerve, which have undergone root canal treatment. This type of teeth is whitening by introducing the whitener through the nerve canal.

2.When is teeth whitening recommended ?

It is recommended for anyone with a healthy mouth who wishes to have whiter teeth. In people with dark teeth, it can be done at any age. From the age of 40 it is recommended if you want to rejuvenate the face. Remembrance sessions can be carried out after a few years, as long as the dentist considers it appropriate.

3.Is the enamel damaged by bleaching?

This is undoubtedly one of the issues that most concerns all those who are thinking about having a teeth whitening treatment . According to experts, as long as it is done in a prestigious clinic, the enamel remains unchanged. The only thing the patient will notice is a small post-treatment sensitivity.

4.Is it a painful technique?

Not at all, only a sensitivity is felt that disappears in 72 hours after it is performed. It is recommended not to drink hot or cold drinks during this period.

5.How long does a laser or LED session last?

It usually lasts about 45 minutes. Afterwards, a splint should be worn for about 4 hours. The number of sessions will depend on the shade of white that the patient wants to achieve and that the dentist considers appropriate. During the days following the treatment, avoid consuming foods that stain the teeth (such as red wine or coffee) and not smoke.

6.Is dental treatment suitable for all types of stains?

No.  Whitening  is effective for teeth that are yellowish or have yellowed over time. In more severe cases, the expected results are not usually achieved. On the other hand, stains caused by drugs, tetracyclines give a grayish color that cannot be bleached. It also does not work on restored teeth as the restorations do not change their color.

7.How long does teeth whitening last?

The tooth whitening can last for years, although it depends on the patient and dietary habits and oral hygiene carrying. It usually lasts less in people who smoke or drink coffee, tea, or red wine on a regular basis.

8.What is recommended to keep the whitening for longer?

Brushing your teeth after eating any food is a beneficial habit for any dental treatment. However, we give you other keys that will help you keep your teeth white for longer after teeth whitening:

Avoid whitening toothpaste and replace it with one with fluoride: fluoride helps to keep our enamel strong and healthy, whereas whitening toothpastes do not amplify the treatment.

Avoid toothpaste with chlorhexidine: Toothpastes do not usually have this component but those used after oral surgery do. Chlorhexidine stains teeth. Nor should we use colored toothpastes or mouthwashes as they contain artificial colorants that stain the teeth.

Avoid products for tooth sensitivity: They close the pores of the teeth so that the whitening product does not penetrate.

Do not smoke: Tobacco greatly diminishes the effectiveness of teeth whitening . In the event that it cannot be completely avoided, its consumption should be reduced as much as possible and completely eliminated 48 hours after treatment. Check what you need in Teeth whitening Kit Wholesale.

Follow a white diet: Specialists recommend a white diet for at least 7 days after whitening. This diet consists of taking foods without colorants such as white rice, dairy products, white fish or semolina pasta, among others. Red and black tea, coffee, rose and red wine, fruit punch or soy sauce, Modena vinegar, artificial colors, or dark chocolate stain your teeth. For many patients it is difficult to give up coffee and tobacco for a month. In these cases, it is recommended to restrict its consumption to a minimum and ensure that it does not escape from the mouth when we take them.

Avoid taking very cold or very hot food and drinks: After  whitening,  you suffer from some tooth sensitivity. Very cold or very hot foods and drinks should be avoided for at least the first 5 days after treatment.