Safe Gold Storage

Value of Gold

Gold is a valuable and rare commodity and it should, therefore, be stored somewhere safe and secure. A gold backed currency has been suggested in the past. Gold is also in use as a medium of exchange. The gold purchase has no risks that come with purchase transactions. They are no electronic trading for Gold or paperwork. Gold ownership means having real value in your hands. Gold purchase can be a very appropriate method of retaining wealth in an uncertain financial environment. This just affirms the value attached to gold and the need to have it stored securely.Companies such as Indigo precious metals offer gold storage services.There is a variety of golf storage options available as follows;

Home storage- People will opt to store their gold at home most of the time, especially if the mass is small. There are quite a number of storage ways at home, steel safe being the most preferred.

Bank deposit box- These are offered by several but not all banks. They are considered to be quite safe and secure. Banks have been withdrawing these services lately though.

Professional Vault Storage- This is the most common and secure method of gold storage. It is an arrangement between the owner and a dealer who has access to the storage vault. The owner is allocated his own dedicated storage account in the vault. Security is guaranteed in such facilities and the owner can feel at ease when they have their gold stored in vaults.

The method of storage is dependent on a person’s environment and their ability to ensure safety for their gold.

Professional Vault Storage

Gold coins and bars do not have a replacement policy. As such if they are lost they cannot be redeemed and the value is henceforth lost. In this regard, home storage might not be the safest option. People also tend to take insurance covers for the Gold. Surprisingly, this might not be the best option as far as safeguarding your gold is concerned. The best way to safe-keep valuable items is ensuring maximum secrecy about those particular valuables. This includes their location, amount and value. In fact, it is best if your ownership of the valuables is not known. Taking an insurance policy for the gold would mean disclosing all the information regarding the gold to strangers. There are companies that provide safekeeping for valuable items, including gold. Indigo precious metals specialises in offering such services.

They deal in safeguarding bullion investments by providing safe and secure storage. They are in conjunction with world-renowned bonded warehouses that provided maximum security vaulting. The storage involves a guaranteed ownership of the rights to the bullion holdings. The company also takes insurance for all the bullion holdings. The difference between this type of insurance and personally taking insurance is that the insurance company will ensure the whole value of the bullion holdings within the warehouse without necessarily knowing the specifics of the owner. On the other hand, personally taking insurance for your gold means giving away all your ownership details of the bullion investment.