How to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw

Cutting down trees with ordinary axes and saws is a thing of the past; most owners of private houses and summer residents today acquire chainsaws. You will need to have a chainsaw – if there are no old trees at the felling site, you will need to periodically cut branches, and in case of force majeure, large trees will fall or split – here you really need to know how to cut trees properly with Chainsaw.

A similar situation can occur both in the forest, where you are going on vacation, and in the countryside. If you notice that a tree is in a damaged and fallen condition threatening property damage, do not pull it by felling Many don’t think about safety, but some important rules must be learned to avoid dangerous situations. Yes, there are special rules:

  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing: non-slip shoes, safety glasses, gloves, heavy clothing. Earplugs can help reduce noise levels.
  • Check that the chain is sharpened and tightened properly. The tension is good if the guide teeth stay in the groove as you pull the chain off the top of the bar. When filling with oil, it is recommended to always check that the chain is properly tightened. 
  • Do not work in windy conditions.

How to cut a tree with a chainsaw without injuring the surrounding objects? Try to plan the trajectory of the fall, having previously studied the area and the tree itself that you will be cutting. If it is dry, large branches die, twigs can fall off, so they can be cut first, and you need to be careful here. You must leave the work area unhindered. If there are other trees nearby, try not to get the sawn branches caught in the branches, this can lead to accidents, and it’s not easy to get them later. Cut down trees that you need to process and retrieve or remove from the site. Choose a felling direction so you can easily chop and uproot the tree later.

Underestimation occurs in several stages. The first (top) cut is made at a quarter of the diameter of the trunk, at an angle of 45 °, you need to approach the tree from the autumn side. Then the undercut is made from below. This is done horizontally to the level where the two shortcuts are connected. After making two notches, you need to cut the stems at a 45° angle. Do not cut down the tree completely, as it is impossible to guess which way the trunk will fall.

Cutting logging is now used. Before starting work, make sure that there are no people, pets, or objects that could be damaged in the dropped area. The felling is carried out on the side opposite to the desired direction of fall, this distance should be placed at a distance of five centimeters from the bottom notch, parallel to it. If you need to cut your tree, you can use service from