How to Maintain Injectors in Your Car

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The car must always be given its preventive care, check the motor oil, which has consistency and has not completed its cycle of use, check brakes, tires, electrical system, spark plugs and injectors.

The injectors are part of the life of the car , without them the fuel necessary for the car to run does not arrive.

If we know how to maintain it and give it the care it needs, the injectors will last the entire useful life of the vehicle.

Whether you have diesel or gasoline injectors, both types are key in the operation of the car since they dose the exact amount that is required for the fuel that goes to the chamber and produces the perfect combustion for the car to run.


Poor maintenance can cause serious damage to the injectors, either because too much water accumulates in the tank, or a faulty spraying or residues of sediment, all this causes more fuel to be consumed and CO2 emissions increase.

But beyond that, poor maintenance or function of the injectors could seriously affect the engine.

When you maintain it correctly, the fuel dosage is optimal and the engine will improve its performance and have a longer service life without problems.


We leave you a series of tips that you can take into account to maintain the injectors before having the need to resort to spare parts.

Chemical additives

You should always resort to the corresponding chemical additives for cleaning. Although some fuels already include these additives in the fuel, others do not and they must be used to remove impurities that may clog the injectors.

If the fuel does not have the additive, you can buy an additive at an auto parts store and add it to your fuel to clean the injectors. You can buy parts for your truck in Diesel truck parts.

Do not refuel until one hour after filling at the service stations

If you arrive at the service station and see that they are finishing filling the well with gasoline, do not load your car there. It must have been at least an hour since the station filled its ponds. In general, gas stations meet this standard, but many do not, be careful not to do it because the fuel enters with force and removes all the deposit and has more sediment that can go directly to your injectors.

Don’t wait for the fuel to run out to fill up the tank

As in the previous situation, you have to fill it when you have half a tank, because sediments accumulate at the bottom that can go directly to the injectors, plug the pump or force it.

Change the fuel filter

The filter should be changed frequently, when it is known that it meets the useful life cycle, this is the one that keeps at bay the sediments that can pass to the injectors, clog them and give you faults in the car.

You must change it at least every 30 thousand kilometers.

Check the revolutions

When you drive above 2000 rpm you generate more carbon and wear out the injectors unnecessarily. For the entire mechanism of the car, running causes it to break down faster.

Clean the injectors

You should clean the injectors frequently, before they clog and lead to major problems, this can be done yourself as we will explain below.


If you do frequent maintenance to the injectors, they will maintain a long life and will not wear out earlier.

We are going to recommend three ways in which you can clean your injectors.

Cleaning with additives

We have already mentioned it previously, these additives are added to the fuel that will uncover the injectors, of all the options this is the most economical and has a high effectiveness, but some manufacturers do not agree with its use.

They say that using them frequently will damage the material and damage the injectors in the long term.

Perform Sweep Cleaning

In this case, it is done in workshops where they place a tank attached to the car, the mechanism is activated so that the liquid runs through the fuel rail and cleans the injectors.

It is added until the bottle with the solution is finished. Specialists also say that this type of long-term cleaning can be harmful to injectors.


This method requires that the injectors be removed from the car and placed on a test bench, there they will be washed and all the resistance of the injectors measured.

Tightness, spray patterns and flow rate will also be measured. In this way you will correct the problems that the injectors may have.

The disadvantage of this system is that it is expensive and that you run out of a car for several days since they take the injectors to the laboratory for their work.


The most common problem is that they have obstructions and do not allow the circulation of fuel and the other is that they present fuel leaks which causes a very strong smell and problems in operation.

Clogged injectors can cause serious engine problems. When you present the first symptom you have to replace them and when there are leaks the solution is to change them.