Here Are the Main Points to Know Before Going to the Doctor for a Department of Transportation Physical

Career commercial truck drivers know that getting a physical is an important part of remaining on the road and in good standing with the Department of Transportation. For those who haven’t had much experience with this process, however, the following article will provide some of the important factors to remember before making that appointment.

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Plan for the Procedures

Though the doctors and clinics vary, almost any DOT physical Houston TX is going to include a few standard tests and examinations. For starters, anyone heading in for a medical review should expect a blood test that will help identify possible high blood pressure or other maladies that might impair a person’s ability to drive. Additional tests will focus on vision and hearing ability. Then a urine test will provide information about possible use of alcohol or narcotics.

Plan for the Provider

There are many options in almost all communities for local drivers in need of a physician to provide a physical as mandated by the government. Making an appointment should be easy, so check out all the options available and select one with a proven record of great patient service.

Plan for the Preparation

While it is true that the doctor will be doing all of the real work, every patient should remember to present a few key pieces of information at every physical. Tell the doctor about hearing aids, glasses or contact lenses currently being used. Also bring along a medical history and a list of any active medications. In many cases, a physical exam is needed on a regular basis, so make sure to remain ahead of schedule and make an appointment for the next visit as soon as possible.
It might not be the best part of the job, but medical reviews are a necessary aspect of a demanding career. The simple steps above can help make the process a little less frustrating.