Do these 7 things, so that your thesis can be completed on time

Completing the level of education in college on time is the dream of most students. After completing all courses according to their respective majors, students are required to do their final assignment before finally graduating. This final project is called a thesis.

Thesis is a scary thing for some students. Many of them had to give up postponing their graduation because of unfinished thesis. Various reasons were found why the thesis could not be completed on time. Starting from being busy in organizations inside and outside campus, working, opening a business or being lazy to look for references for thesis.

But actually there are several things that can be done so that the target of getting a bachelor’s degree does not miss the target you set. Here are seven tips to complete your thesis on time.

1. Choose a thesis theme that you really understand

Understanding the theme is the most important thing in writing a thesis. Reporting from, mastering the thesis theme will make it easier to enjoy the process of researching and writing the thesis.

Make sure the theme you choose matches your major. Do not let you submit a title with a theme that you have mastered but does not match your college major.

2. Avoid heavy thesis themes because of prestige

Not infrequently, students feel prestige when making a thesis title by choosing a “ordinary” theme. Without realizing it, it will slow down his graduation. Because on average, students who are looking for a serious thesis theme do not understand what they are going to research.

Thus it will be difficult when the process of searching and processing data. So, choose a thesis theme that suits your abilities and you really understand. No need to complicate yourself by choosing a heavy theme because of prestige.

3. Make a deadline

Everyone should have a certain goal in life. Especially for those students who are working on their thesis. They must have a deadline so that the thesis they are working on can be completed quickly. We can make small notes that can be pasted in the favorite corner of the room.

4. Make a small note of the losses incurred when you are late graduating

Not always students who are completing their thesis have a passionate spirit every time. Sometimes they feel down so that it results in abandonment of thesis writing.

In such conditions it is necessary to remember what losses arise when you fail to pass according to the target. You can write in a small note and open it again when lazy strikes.

For example, “The longer it takes to complete the thesis, the more burdensome it will be on parents.”

5. Get to know your supervisor well

Knowing the supervisor well is one way to speed up the completion of the thesis. Quoted from, one of the effective strategies when guiding with a supervisor is to know what your lecturer likes. Try occasionally to talk about his hobbies on the sidelines of the mentoring process. Stampa tesi di laurea online, Puoi usare il servizio da

You can also bring his favorite food during guidance. Well, if that method can attract the heart of your supervisor, chances are that your thesis will be finished quickly.

6. Choose the right environment

One of the things that greatly influences the completion of thesis writing is the environment. For those of you who are pursuing graduation and have a thesis completion deadline in the near future, be very careful in choosing the environment so that your thesis is completed according to the deadline you have set.

Move away from your current environment if it slows down your graduation. A good environment will have a positive impact and vice versa.

7. Reduce activities that are less useful

The last step you can do is, by selecting activities that do not support the completion of your thesis. Activities of an entertainment nature, such as watching movies, traveling, playing games, and surfing on social media need to be reduced. Consciously or not, the time it takes to do fun activities is quite a lot.

Entertainment activities are necessary so that the mind can be refreshed because they have worked hard working on the thesis. However, there needs to be a limit so that your time is allocated properly for research and library research.

Those are seven tips so that your thesis can be finished quickly. So, what semester do you want to graduate now?