Difference between Corrugated Box and Cardboard, which is superior?

The packaging that wraps goods or products is important for a brand . Its existence is not only as a place for wrapping, but also to keep the product safe. That is why product packaging needs to be made with good quality. Generally, there are two types of materials that are often used for packaging, namely corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes . What are the differences between the two? Here’s the review.

Charateristic Corrugated Box

In Indonesian, corrugated box is often also referred to as cardboard. Characteristically, this type of packaging is thicker than cardboard boxes . When viewed, at first glance it looks similar, but the shape and arrangement is different.

The arrangement was made more than one. That’s why the thickness varies, some measuring 2-5 mm, 7 mm, up to 10 mm. This is what makes corrugated boxes stronger and sturdier when used to wrap objects that are quite heavy. The nature of this cardboard is also not easy to tear when used, even for wrapping heavy items such as TVs and refrigerators.

Cardboard Characteristics

Next up is cardboard . As explained earlier, even though they are made of materials that are practically not much different, the matter of thickness is quite different. Cardboard is very light in weight and is usually used for lightweight materials. For example, products for household needs such as cereals, milk boxes , food packaging, and so on.

Although quite thin and light, this type of packaging paper has its own advantages. In terms of price, it is cheaper than corrugated box . Not only that, because it tends to be thin, cardboxes also tend to be easier to design. If you want to give a special color or image, the cardbox will absorb the ink better faster. The results of color designs and images will be more clearly visible.

Is it the same as a Rigid Box?

The question in society so far is whether cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are the same as rigid boxes ? When viewed from the material, namely paper, then all three at first glance look the same. However, their functions and characteristics are slightly different. Rigid boxes are often used for wrapping paper, that’s why they are also often called gift boxes .

As the name suggests, this paper has a yellow color. However, this paper material cannot be printed. To make it more interesting, you can add thin paper that has been printed with a certain pattern, then stick it on top. In terms of quality, this type is very sturdy so it is suitable for use as packaging for cosmetics or other similar products.

Type Corrugated Box

In everyday use, corrugated boxes consist of several types. However, there are at least four that are often used, namely single face corrugated , single wall corrugated, double wall corrugated, and triple wall corrugated . If interpreted in general terms, then the four are as follows:

Single Face Corrugated

This first type is cardboard paper that has a corrugated part on the top side. This part of the wave is able to hold the goods in it and withstand vibrations that can damage the goods.

Single Wall Corrugated

Next is the single wall corrugated which is actually similar to the first type. It’s just that it has a fairly wide shape and at the top there is a lining wall to put objects on it.

Double Wall Corrugated

Meanwhile , double wall corrugated has two layers of layered walls, with the first wall on top of corrugated cardboard. Then, another corrugated cardboard is attached, which is then attached to a second flat wall cardboard.

Triple Wall Corrugated

Lastly is the corrugated triple wall . Basically, the installation is not much different from double wall corrugated . It’s just that the difference is the number of cardboard walls that are paired, which is three layers. The advantages of this type are that it is stronger, sturdier, and the goods are guaranteed to be safe when put in a cardboard box. One of best cardboard is Cardboard shredder for packaging material.