Most men only focus on haircuts to produce cool hairstyles . In fact, you can also look cool just by changing the way you comb your hair. The most important thing is to focus on how to style your hair.

There are so many variations of hairstyles that you can get without having to change your current hairstyle. The simplest way is to style your undercut hair with a puffy undercut style . Besides looking cool, this style also makes your hair look thicker and voluminous.  

So that your style looks fresh and not just like that, here are 4 cool hairstyles that you can make from different combing methods. Check out the following tricks from milsurhair.com

1. Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle has been a trend since ancient times until now. This hairstyle can indeed make the face look more assertive, resulting in a dashing impression. To get this hairstyle, simply comb your hair upwards. Use pomade so that your hair looks up and more volume.

When choosing pomade, you also have to pay attention to the ingredients so that your hair stays healthy and well-groomed. Try using AX Perfect Control Pomade, which is water-based, so it’s easy to wash and doesn’t leave residue that can damage hair.

2. Quiff

The quiff hairstyle is quite popular, because the style is familiar among movie stars, singers, and football players. This hairstyle is a modification of the mohawk hair.

You only need to make a parting on the right and left sides of the hair. Apply the gel to the middle of the hair and comb with your fingers upwards. How to comb a man’s hair like this will make people focus on the hair on the top. Lo so it looks unique and cool.

Talking about hair gel, choose a hair gel that can make your hair neat and shiny. This hairstyle can be more perfect with AX Slick Back Shine Gel. The texture is light and non-sticky, so your hair stays neat without feeling greasy.

3. Soft side parting

The soft side parting hairstyle is suitable for special occasions, because this hairstyle will make you look neat. The soft side parting character is thin on the sides, but thick on the top and back of the head.

The way to comb the hair for this style is to comb the hair from the sides up and back. Use hair gel so that the arrangement lasts long and is neat throughout the event. If your haircut is undercut , you can really try this way of combing to keep the sides neat.

For maximum results, you must use AX Extreme Hold Gel.The formula is light and sweat-resistant, and can make hair strong and durable all day long. The formula is also not sticky on the hands, so you can more easily apply it to your hair.

4. Short neat

You can make a short neat hairstyle as an everyday hairstyle. If you are in a hurry, this short hairstyle can be an option because of the concise way of styling it. This hairstyle is very simple. You just need to comb your hair to the side and use hair wax to keep it in shape.