Why White Walls are a Bad Idea in a New Apartment with Kids

When you move into a new apartment or home, you probably recognize the tell-tale white walls that symbolize fresh, clean coats of paint. And, unfortunately, most apartment complexes are staunch in their allowance of new paint colors. However, when you have a chance, argue the following points to your landlord. Why? Because white walls are a bad idea in a new apartment, especially when you have young kids to tend to.

Dirty Fingerprints, Debris Stains, and Smudges

Young children have a habit of touching anything in their path, and white walls are no exception. Sure, those walls look crisp, fresh, and lovely now, but the end of week one will have manifested a bunch of new, sometimes obscure stains to grace your once-nice, once-white walls.

You Could Lose an Apartment Security Deposit

Unfortunately, apartment buildings paint their walls white, then fully expect people to not get a single stain on them. They often use services, like cleaning Minneapolis, to get the right tint of neutral, super-clean white walls. And, while that expectation is a good one for singles or tidy couples, families with small children might have a problem upholding the rule. Ergo, you lose your security deposit because your toddler decided to run his chocolate-covered fingertips across the hall border.

White Walls Must be Scrubbed Twice as Often

If you have the time, and the energy after dealing with your rambunctious bunch, then you should definitely strive to keep those white walls clean and smudge-free—but it will take twice the scrubbings. Bleach, baking soda, soapy water, and lots of elbow grease—these are the things you will need to restore a white wall to its former glory. And, even then, you might be able to see the residue of a toddler run-in.

No Creativity in White Walls

White walls are stark and can be mind-numbingly boring and dull, which quashes creativity in a heartbeat. So, if you are rallying for paint choices to your landlord, suggest a soothing blue, or perhaps a woodsy brown. Those are the kinds of creative, but not crazy, colors that you and your family can plan your décor around.