The Tech Changes Coming to Manufacturing

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready ...

Manufacturers need a way to stay competitive in the market, so advances in technology for the new strategies and inventions provide a way to do this. There are few trends rocking the manufacturing industry, but these changes are paving the way for more cost-efficient and productive operations.

Increased Automation

The manufacturing world has already seen in the inclusion of automation in its processes, but it has yet to see companies of all sizes embrace the move to automation. The CNC machining Ontario companies provide, in essence, is automation. However, the introduction of more affordable easy-to-use robotic systems and human collaborate through manufacturing process management systems will transform workflows, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line for companies that implement automation.

Using Mobile Robotics

In 2018, robotics shipments increased 41% over prior years, with many of these shipments destined for use outside of automotive workplaces. The manufacturing industry is set to see new potential with the use of autonomous mobile robots. These machines are able to navigate on their own and can be customized to the manufacturer’s application.

Relying on the Internet of Things

With the IoT, manufacturers will be able to connect and monitor the different elements of their operations seamlessly. These connections will produce valuable data that can optimize and improve the different functions of the entire manufacturing process. Powered by the internet, cloud connectivity and smart sensors can address safety concerns, streamline manufacturing, save money, and create new products that involve IoT options. By 2020, it is projected that more than $267 billion will be invested in manufacturing, logistics, and transportation use of IoT.

Increased Universal Connectivity

The past tech solutions for the manufacturing industry were generally considered a package deal where one-size-fits-all. If your operations didn’t align with the tech then it would limit usability. Now, those working in tech and software design realize the need for invention to work for the manufacture across multiple devices or systems. These advancements will propel more trends in the manufacturing industry.