Protecting Vacant Properties with Security Guards

Property ownership can be beneficial, but it can also be a bane of even an experienced investor’s existence. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 10{e063e7cab84e8a0ec66da6dee3a63638557496b3ba7cd125953c82c1f352c666} of residential property nationwide is vacant, and 75{e063e7cab84e8a0ec66da6dee3a63638557496b3ba7cd125953c82c1f352c666} of those vacant properties are owned by investors. That’s almost a 1{e063e7cab84e8a0ec66da6dee3a63638557496b3ba7cd125953c82c1f352c666} increase from 2016 when Flint, Michigan held the record with over 11,600 vacant homes citywide–87{e063e7cab84e8a0ec66da6dee3a63638557496b3ba7cd125953c82c1f352c666} of which were considered investment properties. Vacant properties can not only financially gouge investors, they can also create a public risk to the entire community. Protecting your property is the best way to ensure your investment increases in value. But what are the real dangers associated with unprotected vacant properties and how can Korner Security help relieve all your worries?

Theft and Vandalism

The Midwest alone has vacant land across 11.3{e063e7cab84e8a0ec66da6dee3a63638557496b3ba7cd125953c82c1f352c666} of its entire area and over 3 vacant properties for every 1000 residents. Theft and vandalism are the most prevalent concerns regarding these empty and unguarded structures. The last thing any investor wants is to lose money. But broken windows, stolen items, and unexpected general repairs–even accidental fires and arson–can increase taxes and lower property value throughout the entire community.

Trespassing and Free Shelter

Thieves or petty criminals aren’t the only ones who might attempt to access your abandoned property. There are almost 600,000 homeless people in America who may opt for free shelter rather than tough it out on the cold streets–even if that requires damaging a vacant property to access it. Not all squatters are simply downtrodden or temporarily down on their luck, however. Many people who break into vacant buildings perform nefarious or illicit activities and leave behind drug paraphernalia, trash, and other dangerous or disgusting remnants that you’ll be required to remove.

Weather Damage

In this age of category 5 hurricanes and life-shattering tornadoes, weather prediction and preparation play essential roles in the value and stability of vacant investments. However, life-threatening weather concerns aren’t the only issues or even the main ones. Seasonal temperature and precipitation changes can wreak havoc on your property if it’s not monitored. Extreme heat can shrink or warp materials. Extreme cold temperatures can freeze pipes and foundations. The sudden thawing can lead to cracks and shifts. And heavy rains or floods can lead to mold and bacteria invasion as well as destroy anything left outside the property.

Professional Protection Solutions

Signs and fences are first defense solutions that many property owners use to deter theft and petty crime. But if someone’s determined to get into the structure, a few warnings or minor physical hurdles aren’t going to stop them. Consider your needs, your property’s location, the surrounding neighborhood’s reputation, and the local criminal history to decide what’s truly best for your budget and investment. With over 40 years of experience, Korner Security can help customize the perfect security package to suit your needs.

Video surveillance, external monitoring, and guard dogs are just the beginning of what we offer. But if you’re serious about protecting your property, our trained security guards provide the ultimate human element to ensure everything is safe and completely secure around the clock. Why waste another moment worrying about the success of your investment when we can do it for you?