House Republicans adjourn for the day in chaos after failing to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker in a historic defeat

Unable to elect Republican leader Kevin McCarthy as the new House speaker Tuesday, the Republicans adjourned for the day in disarray as the party tries to regroup from his a historic defeat after a long, messy start for the new Congress.

The surprise move end to Day One shows there is no easy way out for McCarthy whose effort to claim the gavel collapsed to opposition from conservatives. Needing 218 votes in the full House, McCarthy got just 203 in two rounds — less even than Democrat Hakeem Jeffries in the GOP-controlled chamber. A third ballot was even worse, with McCarthy losing 20 votes as night fell on the new House GOP majority, tensions rising as all other business came to a halt.

The House agreed to return at noon Wednesday.

McCarthy had pledged a “battle on the floor” for as long as it took to overcome right-flank fellow Republicans

What to do if your home insurance gets canceled

Homeowners insurance is an essential tool to protect one of your most valuable assets: your home. These policies are designed to cover you financially in the event of theft, fire, and other costly events. 

But with many regions of the country being impacted by the worsening fallout from climate change, non-renewal of homeowners insurance policies is becoming more commonplace. And there are other reasons your home insurance could unexpectedly be canceled as well—including lapses in payment or even misrepresentation of information. 

When this happens, it can (understandably) cause panic. But this dilemma can be solved if you know the critical next steps to take.

Different types of terminations

There are many different reasons why an insurer might terminate your policy or decline renewal. The good news is that in some cases you may be able to rectify the issue and resume coverage. However, that’s not always a possibility, and you

Different Web sites To Purchase And Promote On

So let me tell you slightly story, and alongside the best way, I will help you perceive a bit more about promoting on eBay, becoming a daily vendor on eBay, and turning into a PowerSeller on eBay. Loads of of us make it sound so easy… simply click, click, click and you’re there! I am right here to give you the real scoop, the real deal, the small print of how I got began, how I grew, and how I plan to keep growing.

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China reversing zero COVID prompts plunge in economic activity

China’s abrupt reversal of its Covid Zero policy pushed economic activity — its service sector in particular — to the slowest pace since February 2020, as the virus swept through major cities and prompted people to stay home and businesses to shut.

The official manufacturing purchasing managers index fell to 47 this month from November’s 48, the National Bureau of Statistics said Saturday. That was worse than an estimate of 47.8 in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

The non-manufacturing index, which measures activity in the construction and services sectors, declined to 41.6 from 46.7 in November, lower than the consensus estimate of 45. A reading below 50 indicates contraction, while anything above suggests expansion. Both readings were the lowest level since February 2020. 

The services PMI, a sub-index of the non-manufacturing gauge, fell to 39.4 from 45.1 in November. That’s the lowest reading since February 2020 and the fourth consecutive

Video of Southwest passengers threatened with arrest tops 900K views

Southwest Airlines was already having a terrible year’s end after a massive winter storm forced it to make flight cancellations that far outpaced those of industry rivals. Then, somehow, the PR nightmare got even worse. 

At Nashville International Airport on Christmas night, a police officer threatened to arrest stranded Southwest passengers if they didn’t leave a secured area of the airport. A video of the incident went viral across social media after being posted by a passenger to TikTok.

In the video, which has been viewed over 900,000 times since being posted two days ago, the officer warned passengers they must leave the area or they’d be “arrested for trespassing.” 

“Right now,” he continued. “Everybody to the unsecured side. The ticket counter will help you with any questions you have.”

Shelley Morrison, who was among the passengers with her three daughters, had been in line at a