Men’s Hat Recommendations

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Wearing a hat is not only to cover the face from the sun, you know. Hats are also one of the accessories that can make you look more handsome. So, don’t just use it, okay? Wearing a hat also has its rules. What’s more for men who like to pay attention to appearance. You need to know the 5 basic rules of wearing a hat so that your look is effortless and doesn’t look silly. It doesn’t matter what hat you choose to wear today, follow the rules to look your best!

1. Want to wear a flat cap like Rio Dewanto? Make sure to be accompanied by vintage clothes too, yes.

One celebrity who is famous for wearing this style of hat is Rio Dewanto. What’s the secret? The important thing you remember is to combine it with old-schooled clothes too. Don’t be careless if you don’t want to look tacky, okay? Pair with a shirt suit, suspenders and chinos. Add boots is also cool.

This hat is perfect for men with long faces. If you have a square or round face, you should avoid this hat because it will make your face look wider.

2. It’s safer to wear a baseball cap that matches all outfits

This hat was first made specifically for the uniform of baseball players . Therefore, this type of hat is called a baseball cap. This is the most popular type of hat that men wear. You can wear this hat everyday with any style. Maybe you want to hangout with friends, travel or even formal events.

You can combine it with anything like t-shirts, jackets, shirts, coats and even formal suits. To keep your look safe, you should choose a dark baseball cap such as navy, dark green or black.

In addition to the baseball cap, there is one hat that is also suitable for all types of clothing. What’s that? Come on, continue reading the list below.

3. Wearing fedora in every activity is also good

Similar to a baseball cap, a Fedora hat is also quite suitable for you to wear with any outfit. Especially if you choose Fedora in black and wear a monochrome look. Also wear sneakers as a complement so that your style is really relaxed.

Want to wear Fedora for a daytime event? You can combine it with shorts, oversized t-shirts and sneakers.

4. The beanie hat gives a warm impression, so it is only worn on certain occasions

For the rules that match or don’t match the clothes you wear, don’t worry too much. You don’t need to think about it too seriously because this hat, known as the skullcap , goes well with anything. You can wear formal suits or casual clothes.

But what you need to know is the rules when to use it. You should avoid wearing a beanie during the day and when the sun is hot. Instead of looking cool, you will even look like hot.

5. Wear a snapback hat only for in-formal wear, yes.

You must have often seen young guys in casual style with baseball caps worn upside down? Actually this style is safe to wear with any clothes. It won’t spoil your style too much. However, unfortunately you will look tacky if you wear this model to a formal event. So, just remember one rule. Avoid wearing an inverted baseball cap like this if you are attending a formal invitation such as an invitation. Find snapback in