Life Behind Bars: The Real Locked Up Experience

The average television series can rarely provide an accurate glimpse into an environment that has been shut out to the public, especially when it comes to things as serious as incarceration. This is partially because limited access is granted to film and reporting crews both for the safety of the network and those inside the prison. However, the Locked Up series has stirred a lot of interest in what life is like behind bars, and many wondered if the show presented the true realities of jail time. Although inquisitive, few individuals would desire a stint in either a county or federal facility to find out the truth.

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Typical Processing

If you are ever arrested, you will be taken to a local facility for processing. It is during this time that you may be eligible to contact a bail bonds Jefferson County Colorado office for services to help you avoid a lengthy stay. Bail bonding is a temporary reprieve from jail time, as it is only valid until your court appearance and sentencing. If you aren’t able to make bail, you will be prepped for your stay in jail. The terms prison and jail are often used interchangeably, yet the primary difference is the length of time you stay in a location that can determine what it is considered. Facilities run by local facilities are typically considered jails, while long-term prisoner incarceration is done in state or federal prisons.

Typical Prisoner Day

The type of prisoner you are will determine what your daily routine will be once you are locked inside prison. Low to medium security prisoners are often able to have work assignments and even attend classes. They have three meals a day and are given gym or rec time in the afternoon. If you are going to be locked up, being in this category affords the most privileges,

Prison life is something that can only be relayed by those who experience it, and they will tell you not to do the crime. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on television; crime doesn’t pay