Ideas for Improving Your Self-Service Laundry

As a self-service laundry owner or operator, you know the importance of providing reliable commercial laundry machines and a good user experience to your customers. This article considers some ways to improve your self-service laundry so that your customers will look forward to doing their laundry.

Invest in New Laundry Equipment

The most relevant improvement you can make is to invest in new laundry equipment. Regular maintenance of existing equipment will prolong the lifespan of that equipment and likely provide many years of service, but new equipment will provide more reliable, effective, and efficient service. In one survey of self-service laundry owners and operators, 44{7e67870104454c957b33ad79a728b31eee143e8613a173772a5f163a1dea7fb2} of those who responded stated that in 2019, they have or plan to acquire new equipment such as washers and dryers.

Update Your Laundry Furnishings

Outside of the washers and dryers, your customers rely on you to provide basic furnishings such as tables that can be used to sort and fold laundry, and benches or chairs where they can sit while their laundry is being done. Updating those furnishings with more comfortable, durable, and colorful designs will go a long way to improving your customers’ experience.

Provide Extra Services

When it comes to providing extra services, the sky is the limit. Self-service laundries have seen an explosion in extra services that might make some people forget the main function is to do laundry. Consider the demographics of the neighborhood surrounding your self-service laundry when thinking about extra services. Are there a lot of young families in the neighborhood? If so, then add a play area for children. Are there a lot of young professionals? Try adding a coffee bar and internet access.

Self-service laundry customers rely on you for their routine laundry needs. By keeping your laundry equipment up to date, modernizing your furnishings, and perhaps providing some extra services relevant to your patrons, your business will thrive.