How to Stay in Shape When You Work From Home


In many ways, working from home can be good for you and help you to do a better job. However, it can also mean sitting still for many hours and working when a person would normally be sleeping or going outside. Luckily, it is not that hard to make sure that you get the exercise that you need, as long as you are willing to put in just a little bit of effort. Here are some tips to help you stay in shape when you work from your own home.

First, look at the way you’re working. Are you slouched over a desk in a terrible position, causing you to have pain in your neck and back and letting your abs just sit there? Instead, get a chair that allows you to sit upright, letting your abdomen support you. Look for a company like Ergo Office or another trusted supplier of pre owned office chairs for the best deals. If you feel up to the task, consider getting a standing desk so that you don’t have to sit for hours at all. There are also desks that can fold either up or down so that they can be used seated or standing.

Next, be sure that you take physical breaks often. You should get up to take a walk and stretch at least once every hour. Ideally, you would be moving for at least five minutes every half hour, but it can be hard to interrupt your work that often, which is why a standing desk is so useful. Simply doing a few push-ups against the wall every hour, or squats, situps, pull-ups or other moves every hour can quickly add up to a decent workout.

Finally, be sure that you are getting enough sleep. It can be easy to let work creep into every hour of your day when you work from home. Set a schedule and turn off your phone if possible after your bedtime. Then, get the sleep you need.