Grieving Food Business in Various Countries

Funerals are synonymous with grief, but in some countries food can actually be a symbol of mourning. Even some of the food can be an antidote to grief.

However, in some countries, the loss of loved ones, family and relatives is not something that is easily forgotten. In addition, the moment of mourning is always accompanied by a variety of foods that have become a tradition. As well as the existence of this treat in a number of countries it is often used as a field to open a business.

Reporting from Atlas Obscura, Saturday, February 20, 2021, some foods are believed to calm people who are in mourning or have lost their families. The following is a summary of grieving foods that can be used as business ideas.

1. Funeral Potatoes

While the origins of this dish, which is also called a classic Utah casserole, are unclear, most sources attribute its increasing popularity to the organization of women within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the responsibilities of this group is to meet the needs of the bereaved, including food.
It contains a combination of corn flakes with sliced or diced potatoes, cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup, sour cream, butter, and grated cheddar cheese. This food is still served at post-anniversary meetings and church potlucks today.

2. Sweet Water

This food, which looks like soup at first glance, comes from Jamaica and is a mandatory menu during mourning. This one food is always served during the tradition of ‘The Nine Nights’.
This tradition aims to allow the spirit of the person who has just died to go to a proper place in nature. This, of course, is a celebration of sharing stories, dancing, playing games and eating sweet water together.
This food is made from the head and torpedoes of goats. Then, it is cooked in a broth containing potatoes, carrots and green bananas. This soup is generally eaten with cassava which is made into bread and rum.

3. Ham Salad

Ham is the back leg of pork and this dish is very popular in England and the United States (US). Even in late 19th century England, ham was often made into a salad served at funerals.
Previously, ham was often used as a status symbol because it was quite expensive, and not everyone could afford it.
This tradition will continue to grow in the US and in Uncle Sam’s country, ham is always served with onions to boiled eggs. In addition, this food is also served during funerals during the day, especially in the Upper Midwest, such as the cities of Illinois to North Dakota.

4. Bored

People in Kyrgyzstan always honor the departure of loved ones by frying bread and the fried bread is called borsok. The ingredients used to make borsok are bread dough such as flour, salt, sugar, yeast, margarine and water.
Although the ingredients for making borsok are fairly simple, borsok itself is often believed to be a symbol of tradition. In the Kyrgyz region, borsok is made to commemorate those who have died.