Explore the Benefits of iCone Traffic Control

If you work in construction or another industry that requires you to control traffic in your area, finding a safe and reliable way to do it is vital. The wrong traffic control system can put you and others in harm’s way, a mistake you want to avoid.

The good news is that you can protect yourself and your team by using iCone traffic control. Most people know they did the right thing as soon as they see these cones in action. When you care about yourself and the people with whom you work, you can’t settle for anything but the best.


The iCone traffic beacon comes with many great features you won’t want to miss. The first thing you will notice is that iCone is portable and easy to use, and you won’t have any trouble getting it set up and running. You can deploy iCone and turn it on with the flip of a switch, allowing you to finish the project without unneeded complications. The waterproof and shock-resistant design ensures your devices will do their job no matter the harsh environments to which you expose them.

You don’t want to buy a traffic beacon and have to replace the battery every other day because doing so takes your time away from other tasks. The iCone can run for two weeks on a single charge. The iCone devices come with GPS technology that lets you track their exact location, and they also have speed and traffic detection. This device will make a world of difference next time you need to close lanes or divert traffic.

Final Thoughts

Closing roads, changing lanes and diverting heavy traffic are difficult and time-consuming tasks, but they don’t have to be. Taking advantage of iCone technology is how you move past that trap and overcome the challenge. The iCone will not only enhance your safety, but it will also allow you to monitor traffic patterns.

The durable design can withstand almost any type of abuse that comes its way without failing. You can use these devices on back roads or major freeways and enjoy the same benefits, which lets you achieve peace of mind no matter the project on which you are working.