5 Ways to Save Monthly Spending Money for Housewives

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Family financial planning is strongly influenced by two main things, namely how much you are earning, where you are from and what your monthly and family expenses are. Let’s just say your income is fixed and haven’t found additional sources of income so to balance income and expenses one important thing you have to do is save your monthly shopping money.

Are you still confused about how to do it? Or have you done but still less effective? Check out the following powerful tips:

  1. Use System 31 Envelopes to Save

As a housewife who is responsible for spending money, you only need to prepare 31 sheets of blank envelopes to start the 31 envelope system.

The next step is to take all of your money and put it in an envelope as needed, such as paying for a house or rent, buying rice a month, paying electricity, water, telephone, gasoline, gas, children’s allowances and savings for emergency funds. Write a shopping date from 1 to 31. After all, the rest is money for investment. If done in an orderly manner, housewives will be challenged to be more creative in managing monthly shopping money.

  1. Don’t Focus on Brands

The more often you go to a mall or supermarket, the greater the temptation to shop. Temptation is getting stronger when there are lots of promos, discounts from various famous brands with various attractive offers ranging from household needs products such as sugar, oil, snacks, tissues, floor cleaners, and so on. Don’t be tempted, compare with other brands that are cheaper. Thank you if you can buy a branded product but have the same function.

  1. Let It Durable Save Foodstuffs Well

Some food stores such as rice cabinets, refrigerators or airtight containers can make food last longer. If this continues continuously and becomes a culture in the family, it will save money on monthly shopping.

  1. Create a list of weekly food menus

The principle that starts from this habit is worth a try. By making a list of weekly food menus, our shopping patterns will be controlled so that we avoid buying food ingredients that are ultimately redundant.

  1. Record the Shopping Plan and Save the Purchase Note

The easiest way to record shopping is by attaching a note in the refrigerator, what items have been used up, so that when we shop we don’t look at other items, or we can try to buy promotional products (down in price or buy 1 get 2). In this way you can save so that next month you don’t need to buy the product again. So that the controlled expenses save the shopping receipt. The purpose of keeping this bill is so that we can compare prices this month and last month. In this way you will know when prices are cheap and where to buy these cheap products.