3 Tips for Eliminating Distractions When Learning From Home

There’s little wonder as to why online learning has become so popular over the past 10 years. The convenience of being able to complete coursework and take exams on one’s own schedule is too good for many students to pass up. Furthermore, many online schools are considerably less expensive to attend than their brick-and-mortar contemporaries, making them ideal for cost-conscious learners. This isn’t to say, however, that online learning doesn’t have its disadvantages. For example, many people find it difficult to concentrate in distraction-rich environments – and few environments contain more distractions than one’s own home. In the quest for a distraction-free learning experience, the following pointers are sure to serve you well.

1. Seek Out a Private Space

When engaged in online learning, it’s in your best interest to seek out a private space in your home. Such spaces include home offices, private studies and secluded dens. If your home doesn’t feature any of the aforementioned examples, consider getting creative. For example, a storage room or large broom closet can comfortably be transitioned into a compact makeshift study. In the absence of such spaces, consider taking your work to a quiet coffee shop, bookstore or library. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of online learning, head over to gethppy.

2. Arrange Childcare

Completing coursework or preparing for an exam with energetic children tearing about the house can prove downright impossible. If you have children who are at an age where they require constant attention, it’s recommended that you arrange for them to be looked after during designated study periods. This may entail asking your partner to distract them for a few hours or leaving them with a trusted friend or relative for the afternoon.

3. Use Website Blockers

Online learning requires a fair amount of self-discipline, particularly for people who are used to learning in more structured environments. Since it’s impossible to turn off your computer or shut off your internet connection while taking an online course, consider using website blockers to restrict access to your favorite time-wasting sites during study hours. This way, even if you succumb to the temptation to check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find them temporarily blocked.

Attempting to concentrate your efforts on learning while surrounded by home-based distractions can be an uphill battle. As a result, many online learners have their study time disrupted by noisy kids, rambunctious pets and a vast assortment of creature comforts. Fortunately, eliminating distractions isn’t as difficult as some students make it look. If you’re tired of having your education hindered by a constant barrage of distractions, seek out a private space within your home, make arrangements for childcare during study hours and consider the use of website blockers during designated learning periods.