3 Reasons Your Bail May Be Revoked

At your arraignment, the judge may ask you questions, you may feel overwhelmed, and you will certainly be confused if it is your first time in handcuffs in a courtroom. The whole situation may seem like a foggy dream, and you may even feel like pretending someone needs to pinch you and wake you out of the nightmare. When the judge finally set your bail, you think you can completely get out of jail and back to your life. But you can’t really do that because of the conditions you must live by. If you don’t, your bail can be revoked.

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Committing a Crime

You may not be a career criminal, but there are other ways you can find yourself in hot water and back behind bars if you don’t understand the terms of your bail release by the courts. You can not have a warrant out of your arrest, touch a gun, or get into a fight and get arrested, among other things.

Jumping Bail

If you get out on bail and take off to Aspen for the weekend to ski, it could be seen as jumping bail. The same is true if you run to another state to visit a girlfriend for a week. If the courts think you are a risk of not being available to appear at any time they demand, you may find your bail with the bail bond company Allentown PA has been revoked.

Following Conditions

If the court orders you to stay away from the friends you were arrested with and you don’t, you may find yourself back in jail. The same is true if you don’t follow any of the conditions the judge sets for your release. For some people, a release is contingent upon showing up at the court house for a check-in once a day.

When you get out on bail, it is essential to remember to follow all the rules and conditions you are given by the courts if you want to stay free. No matter how difficult it may be.