Facedrive Provides a Corporate Update and Growth Report

Canada's Facedrive Names DECOSTA As It's Global Agency ⋆ DECOSTA Global

Facedrive is a multi-faceted “people-and-planet first” tech ecosystem offering socially-responsible services to local communities with a strong commitment to doing business fairly, equitably and sustainably. Facedrive News : As part of this commitment, Facedrive’s vision is to fulfil its mandate through a number of services and offerings that either leverage existing technologies of the Company or project initiatives with existing lines of business. Facedrive’s services and offerings include: (i) its eco-friendly rideshare business, Facedrive Rideshare; (ii) its food delivery service, Facedrive Foods; (iii) its contact-tracing and connected health services business, Facedrive Health; (iv) its e-commerce platform, Facedrive Marketplace; and (v) its e-social platform, Facedrive Social.

As a result of a Continuous Disclosure Review of staff of the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) that commenced in 2020, the staff of the Corporate Finance Branch requested that the Company provide clarifying information regarding the Foodora Transaction, the HiRide Acquisition, the Medtronics Consulting Agreement …